Abiquiu River Dance #1

Paul Mindell, New York artist, mixed media, photo collage, art, abiquiu river

Abiquiu River Dance #1 by Paul Mindell – Paul Mindell – copyright 2017

Limited Edition
Signed and Numbered
Image Size up to 72 Inches Wide

This photo collage / mixed media is the first in a series of three. The thick white cloud cover seen here gives way to more and more blue sky in versions #2 and #3, which follow, while the foreground landscape remains the same in each.

“River Dance” is reminiscent of two of my other works, “Near Georgia’s New Mexico” and “Georgia’s New Mexico, Too,” yet is more visually expansive than either. Although typically I title my pieces after they’re finished, in this case I wanted the river to wind and dance in the foreground, and so had a sense of the title even before I began.