Align Through Time: The Painted Muse, The Pixelated Views

Align Through Time: The Painted Muse, The Pixelated Views

The idea for “Align…” was drawn from the uncanny resemblance of my student Anthony to a young Rembrandt. I envisioned connecting paint and pixel, and spatial and temporal relationships. While my portraits are traditional and realistic, my photo collages explore fragmentation and reinvention. 

Shot mostly with my cell phone camera in four separate studios, “Align…” addresses that duality: my oil portrait of Betty, standing nearby, counters a B&W digital photo of Anthony, who sits beside two computer images of Rembrandt’s self-portrait. The canvas portrait of Anthony with Rembrandt hair was partly painted, partly photo-shopped. 

Entering the scene, you thread your way on stepping-stone-like stools to Rembrandt, then skip back to the future, past Betty, where a barely visible young woman lingers with her BlackBerry.

  • Limited Edition

  • Signed and Numbered

  • Image Size up to 72 Inches Wide

  • Available after September 6, 2010

Paul Mindell photo collage painting mixed media for the Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery

Paul Mindell mixed media photo collage at the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery