Greens, Jeans, and InBetweens

Paul Mindell, New York artist, mixed media, photo collage, New York art

Green Jeans and Inbetweens by Paul Mindell – copyright 2017

Limited Edition
Photo Collage – Mixed Media

Signed and Numbered

Image Size up to 72 Inches Wide

This New York scene looks north to the Empire State Building from a building overlooking Madison Square Park on 23rd Street between Fifth and Madison Avenues. 

The photo shoot was three weeks before September 11 [what is now Ground Zero is a mile south, behind you], but I waited until the following February to create the collage. 

I wanted to piece together an image that would capture the energy of the original moment and also telegraph a strong sense of life and renewal. The title is revealing: “Greens” for growth, “Jeans” for my daughter standing with me on the balcony as I shot the scene, and “InBetweens” for how it’s all connected.