No DivDiving

Paul Mindell, New York artist, mixed media, photo collage, hotel pool art

No DivDiving by Paul Mindell – copyright 2017

Limited Edition
Photo Collage – Mixed Media

Signed and Numbered

Image Size up to 72 Inches Wide

I caught this scene on a hot June afternoon at a hotel pool on St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. Standing at the shallow end of the pool, I looked out toward the umbrellas, beach chairs, and ocean beyond. There were two lone swimmers across the way. 

I was struck by the humor in the ceramic tiles at my feet, warning “No Diving.” It was as though the pool flowed straight out into the ocean, but that you had to be careful not to take a dip. The “No Diving” tiles gave way later to “No DivDiving” as the collaged pieces fell into place.